For the last two years I have been doing a deep dive into comic book related YouTube channels.
I generally try to avoid such obsessive comics’ fandom like the plague. But I sacrificed many brain cells and my sense of logic to power through this cesspool so you don’t have to.

And holy shit! What a sad creepy lot they are….

Here are examples of some of the trolls you will find on YouTube, hiding under bridges made of old comic book boxes:

1) Let’s start with the lecherous alcoholic that goes by Comics by Perch.

Perch is not this YouTuber’s real name – Indeed, most of these Comics Tubers hide behind a pseudonym.
Corporate-Comics Perch is a wanna be Tucker Carlson who speaks with false gravitas and creepy nerd dad authority. They would have called this dude a “square” in the 1950s.
He has actually said such things as that Disney should take advantage of the cheap labour in Japan and make manga with all their Intellectual Property. 

His talking points are beyond dull – They are like listening to a lame old man lecture some kids he sees on the street about not smoking “the pot.”
Plus – Perch always takes the corporations and HR’s side.
For him, freedom of speech means nothing if your speech goes against the corporate brand. Silly artist you deserve to be poor for having an opinion!

I guess this dork once wrote some subpar articles for a website called Bleeding Fool so that makes him an expert on the entire comic book industry now?

It is easy to see Perch is just a transparent corporate comics shill.
He is yet another hanger on with nothing better to do than make hundreds of YouTube videos gushing over manga sales and complaining about the low sales of comic books made for adult children.

2) Let’s talk about a den of thieves called Thinking Critical.
The name alone makes me laugh!

Thinking Critical is where mid-level or washed-up comics creators go to complain about the industry they have little to no stake in.
Crying about how woke people are the cause of all their failures, not their mediocre art and derivative stories.
It is all opinion-based ramblings under the guise of criticism.

Most of the dorks on this stupid channel skate the line of comics gate adjacent. Wes the host of this train wreck does these long live streams with multiple mouth breathers, heaving angry nerd speak into dollar store microphones.

I think this Christian Crusader Ex- CIA hack host is hoarding buckets of creamed corn and watching countless hours of Fox news in his down time.

Shockingly – Wes recently regaled us with a story about going to see a recent Star Wars movie with his family. He said within the first few minutes of said film he was fuming and raging so hard his wife had to take their son out of the theatre.
This shit blows my mind.
What the fuck?!!
Who does this?
Did his spouse and child just wait in the lobby while he finished the movie?
Did they go see another movie?
How completely insane is this?
Imagine being so self-absorbed you can’t sit through a shitty movie with your kid. 

This is the kind of toxic fandom that scares me the most.

It worries me to no end to think someone could care this much about a piece of random corporate pop culture trash.

Comics by Perch and Thinking Critical do videos together too.
So you can get a double dose of divisive rhetoric and moronic takes on the comics industry if that’s your thing!

3) Have you ever heard of Clownfish TV? Clown being the key word in their name.
I would have gone with Pigfish but Clown works too. 

Goddammit do I hate this frikkin’ channel. I can’t stand this douchey cuckold and his screeching harpy of a wife co-host.
This channel treats popular nerd culture like a feeding troth of dirty laundry.

The best thing about Clownpig is when the infantile fan girl works herself up into a frenzy over some dumb reboot of a mediocre 1980s cartoon made for children.
She starts breathing heavily for like 5 minutes after the rants.
She literally sounds like a squealing sow.
“Calm the fuck down Beavis!”

Her rude and off-putting husband exists only to please his soulless ginger queen.
He curses at fans and drools over any bad news he can find on about the comics industry.

Somehow though, these two obsessed adult children made Kevin Smith cry over He-Man!
What the fuck dude!!

I want to personally say piss off to both of these nerd culture bottom feeding trash heaps. 

I have noticed Wes and Perch use Clownfish TV as a source a lot. Which creates a cyclical nature to all these idiots’ rhetoric.
You have corporate scum, feeding scum, to scum.

4) How is fandom not done with Yas Queen Zac from Comics Matter, which should really be called “His Comics Don’t Matter?”

I guess this channel is for right wing ex-military bro hams who love comic books. Richard C. Meyer or “Ya fuck boi Zac” pretends to make comics so he has a platform to spout his right winged based idiocy. 

He made a milk toast Expendables comic!! Ya for him!!!
Cool dude you made money on a comic book based on a franchise Hollywood ran into the ground. How smart and innovative!
Nobody in comics has ever done that!

This raging tool obsesses over something called an SJW in every single video.
According to Zac, these mysterious, baby eating, satanic worshipping “SJWs” are the cause of all the worlds’ and comic industries’ woes.
They are the new scapegoats for everything these dumb nerds don’t like about their boring lives and mundane fandom. 

Always ready to call out comic creators by name – Zac aka Dick Meyer also hides behind a pseudonym.

The funniest thing about angry Zac has nothing to do with his dopey 1990s style comic books…
He has another channel where he doles out bad financial advice.
Wack ass Zac is constantly losing tons of money on it. Hearing him say he lost 6 grand of comics fans money in one day and then try to spin it as being “part of the market” makes me giggle like a Japanese schoolgirl every time.
You would be better off getting your financial advice from an Adderall addicted 19 year old crypto kid on Tik Tok.

5) Comic Artist Pro Secrets is a channel headed by king, lord, champion and grifter of all the angry white collar dorks – Ethan Van Sciver aka Ethan Van Sceezer (EVS).
He is still doing his, “I pretend to make boring frog comics and behave like an obsequious troll but really am a nice guy” shtick.
I guess his right-wing blather and magic Mormon underwear make it OK for him to spread hate speech and use Nazi imagery in his sketchbook covers?!

EVS has built an army of white-collar trolls, plus a bunch of fake accounts he uses to pounce on anyone online for any and all transgressions made against their new Mormon king.
Nice of him to give all these failed Realtors a place to complain about the comic book industry. 

Zac and Ethan have both had massive crowd sourced comics campaigns.
They have both collected the cash and not delivered the books.
There are videos popping up of their fans asking where their comic books are after years of waiting.
I guess it is hard to find the time to make your crappy derivative comics if you spend 8 hours a day doing live streams about the new Star Wars thing you hate this week.

6) Yellow Flash is another one of these agenda driven fools obsessed with shoehorning their right-wing politics into comics.

These videos genuinely disturb me.
Yellow Trash sounds like a creeper Sunday school teacher.
The one with no kids but really loves children. 

His Jeff Foxwhorthy redneck drawl and calm tent preacher style of delivery weirds me the fuck out.

Yas’ Queen Zac, Ethan Sceever, Yellow Trash and the rest of the crowdfunding cult of right wing comix are obsessed with forcing their political agenda into the medium and industry.
Yet they are all just as guilty as all the people they complain about and hate on.
They all rail against cancel culture but had no problem taking full advantage of it – Such as when they pushed to have Eric EsquiveI fired from DC.

Ultimately these comicsgate dorks are no different than their SJW arch enemies and many other online blowhards. 

I now look at Ethan and Zac like I would any other internet LOL cow.
They are clowns to be laughed at.
You can’t take buffoons like this seriously.
They should be viewed and treated like any other turd online like Chris Chan.

Plus – A lot of these idiots like to dress up in costumes and do live streams while begging for super chat donations. They are like dancing clowns on a street corner with their pockets out.
How can people treat any of these dummies seriously when they are dressed like Uncle Sam or their favourite superhero?

7) Forced Adversity (recently re-branded to Actual Fandom) is another channel obsessed with pushing politics where it does not belong.
This dork is on the other end of the idiotic political spectrum. 

This soy boy host and his cohorts are proud “betas” as if it were a good thing.
They praise mainstream comics but you can hear it is totally forced. You can hear the struggle in their voices when they have to talk themselves into defending the terrible art and stories of corporate comics just because they hate Ethan and his pals’.
This channel is more of the same political driven drivel as all the right wingers but only with lefty talking points.  

Guess what? I can’t stand any of you on either side of the extreme political spectrum!
The cults of the extreme political right and left in comics are all brainwashed reactionary clones, who merely spew spoon fed talking points to each other on Twitter and other social media.
To watch these morons push their dumb politics into the comic book industry makes me genuinely sick.
Seems to me that both sides are just a bunch of hypocrites – Who will do anything to try to stay relevant in the evolving and largely crumbling field of comix. 

8) Nothing like his internet psycho brother. Sweet boy Noah Van Sciver also has a YouTube channel. Yippee…
Not happy with just boring comics fans with tales of his 1st world white guy angst in his comix. We also needed mind numbing interviews with other boring and disinterested artists.

Noah’s channel is just a Fantagraphics ad space. It is commercials for the sad white folks comics they are all so fond of.
The comics world truly needs to hear college textbook editor Ivan Brunetti wax on about just how boring comic books can be?
It’s like watching grass grow in slow motion. 

One good thing about Noah is he is a genuinely sweet guy who loves comics.
At least he is not an intolerable internet psycho like his stupid fucking brother.  

Sadly, though without comic books Noah and the rest of his pals would just be a bunch of failed baristas who sit around bragging about their growing cat collections, record hoards and favourite IPAs. 

9) Finally we have Little Eddy and Jimmy over at Cartoonist Kayfabe aka Cancel Culture Kayfabe, who swipe ideas from smaller YouTube channels and fellow creators for their dopey videos and boring comics.
Those two corporate simps probably have to squeegee their chonies after they do a gushing interview with some dopey old Image creator.

Red Room… more like HR board room.

Just like their friend, Jack Kirby fan artist Tom Scioli, ol’ Eddy Pissgor carries on the tradition of Stan Lee by swiping from other more talented artists.
Bad corporate cronies!
“Swiper, no swiping!” 

These over indulged fanboys claim to support underground + outlaw comics but have quietly black listed many comics creators from their channel.
Eddy the Rat and his balding cohort have removed videos and consciously worked to black list other comix creators they see as competition.   

They might not outwardly screw artists over on their channel like the comic haters have.
They just do it behind the scenes like many others in the industry do…

In conclusion?

Well… As you can see, in the world of comic scene commentators on YouTube, the bar for humanity is set really low.

These channels and 100s more just like them do a good job of making you think that the comic world is made up of obsessed trolls.
These clowns push the narrative of division in the medium of comics for quick cash and clicks.
If they were not making money on YouTube, would they still be around?

The comics’ community is NOT all political cliques and rage filled lunatics on YouTube and Twitter.
There is an actual scene that wants nothing to do with this mess these nut sniffers have propagated. 

When I started this article my intention was to shine a light on the dysfunctional and obsessive nature of comics’ fandom.
I can truly say that after being exposed to so much toxic blather for 2 years really sucked.
It was not good for me mentally.
It started to affect and colour my view of the comics’ community and industry in a profoundly negative way…

But there is hope!

It has been 3 months since I stopped watching all these pinheads on YouTube.
I have noticed a huge difference in my view of the comics medium.
I simply stopped worrying and started to enjoy just reading them again. 

The algorithms and YouTube channels are great at keeping you locked into a hate-filled haze of disappointment and inadequacy.
They keep you in a state of anxiety that only gets worse over time. A sickness spread and fostered by Silicon Valley simps to keep you engaged.

When I stopped engaging in these algorithms that force fed me garbage; I stopped worrying about it all and just got back to enjoying a medium I love.

Comics has a long history of grifters, scam artists, charlatans, sex pests and even murderers in its current and past ranks.
There is article after article documenting these transgressions.
Now the internet has helped shed some light on all these creeps, opportunists and sycophants who still haunt this medium.
Maybe it is time for artists and fans to shun and admonish such obsessive antisocial behaviour?

We should tune out all the self-important online blather of washed up, egomaniac creators like Eric Larson and Rob Liefeld on Twitter. 
The medium can be driven and dictated by good art and stories not their self-interested rhetoric and toxic nostalgia. 

I love comics more than any other art form.
Sadly, many of the people propagating it have created so many reasons for me to despise it.
As a result of all these pathetic morons of comics YouTube I have even more reasons to loathe this highly dysfunctional industry.
Thanks for nothing you stupid fucking dorks.


Article header art by Dan Thrax.